Overland Cookery

Overland Cookery

The Overland Cookery cookbook is your guide to the knowledge, rationales, and techniques underlying vehicle-based adventure travel meal planning.


Overland Cookery celebrates the dynamic interplay between vehicle-based camping, navigation, and off-highway driving skills. Recognizing that each destination features a continually shifting balance of the above factors, Overland Cookery has been designed to enable readers complete customization over meal planning such that trips-specific requirements, and personal taste preferences, can be accommodated.

Overland Cookery begins with a robust overview of the eight primary factors impacting menu planning when travelling abroad:


Heat Source, Cookware, Trip Duration, Party Size, Cold Storage, Cargo Capacity, Trip Route, and Weather.


Integral to Overland Cookery is the classification of foods based on perishability. Constructed from US Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration guidelines, Overland Cookery introduces a novel yet uncomplicated method for categorizing foods for planning purposes. Every recipe in Overland Cookery utilizes this classification system as part of the overall trip-planning process. From determining how long specific foods can be safely stored, to identifying the timeliness of necessary resupply stops, Overland Cookery helps readers simplify meal planning while taking the guesswork out of managing stored food, ensuring all meals are fresh and safe to eat when intended.


These factors are then compiled into a comprehensive meal-plan template, provided both in print and on the Downloads page of this website. By identifying trip-specific logistics up front, Overland Cookery greatly reduces the amount of time spent in the planning phase while enabling more time for creative recipe development.


In total, Overland Cookery features a collection of 32 recipes spanning from breakfast to dessert, exemplifying the nuances of meal planning logistics while showcasing the broad variety of foods that can be crafted. Tips and tricks are included, with major dietary restrictions and appropriate substitutions noted, when applicable. 


For the beginning traveller and seasoned veteran alike, Overland Cookery provides an essential review of overland meal planning while stimulating readers to consider recipes beyond standard camping fare. 

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    Printed in Canada 

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