About Overland Cookery

Overland Cookery has one mission in mind—to function as an invaluable resource for preparing meals

when travelling by vehicle. 

At its heart, Overland Cookery rests in acknowledging the interaction between food, family, and the unbound wilderness that surrounds us. Practiced and expedited for years by an impassioned group of enthusiasts, the term overlanding has given rise to define the vehicle-based adventure traveller of the 21st Century. 


While distinct from backpacking, camping, and recreational vehicle users, Overlanding may be seen as both a unique subset of traveller while encompassing all individuals seeking nature in a vehicle-dependent society. As such, the resources provided here aim to be utilized by a broad user base, characterized simply as those wishing to prepare healthy, satisfying meals when traveling by vehicle in the outdoors. 

The underpinnings of every great trip begin with defining, identifying, and strategizing context-specific logistics. Founded on analytical frameworks for food storage, preparation, and waste management, Overland Cookery operationalizes and exemplifies these logistics, increasing efficiency in all aspects of pre- and post-departure meal development.


See our Cookbook and YouTube channel for a comprehensive introduction to adventure travel meal planning.