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Established in 2017, Overland Cookery offers industry leading, on-site Expedition Chef Services for private parties and corporate events. We guarantee the ultimate outdoor dining experience, from intimate to large-group settings, regardless of terrain. 

From a weekend trip to international expeditions, we see food as the common thread that weaves everyone together. Our team is eclectic, featuring experts at the top of their field dedicated towards curating incredible dining experiences in the beauty of earth's most remote locations. 


Who We Are


From Humble Beginnings

Led by Jason Schaub, MPH, Overland Cookery originated from the organic need for methodical meal planning for long-duration overland tours.


Focused at the intersection of artistry and practicality, Jason strives to provide an immersive outdoor dining experience that’s at once refueling, respectful to the environment, and gratifying to those enjoying the beauty of the nature which surrounds us. 


Branching away from “standard camping fare”, Jason blends feasibility and robust logistics to curate elemental culinary experiences that bring people together in the field. 

Jason Schaub

Founder, Author and Executive Chef 

Connect with us.

Have an adventure that could be elevated by our team? Let's talk. Get in contact with one of our staff members to figure out how to take your trip to the next level. 

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