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Fine Dinning.

Sky's the Limit

Overland Cookery specializes in curating private dining experiences in the remotest of locations.


From formal dinners to multi-day expeditions and outdoor media events, Overland Cookery delivers the ultimate outdoor dining experience.


With tiered options customizable to your needs, booking with Overland Cookery provides access to our team of professional event planners, hospitality staff, and specialty adventure travel contractors, enabling you to focus on your event goals and objectives while delivering a truly bespoke experience. 

“It is the most incredible food we've ever had. Everyone is raving about the food from a camp-style kitchen.”

John Waterhouse

The Revel Club, Co-Founder


Making Your Day Easier
From Start to Finish

Presentation is Key

Camping Need Not be Tacky

Planning an expedition or event for your organization? We provide five star dining solutions to clients looking for the ultimate outdoor dining experience. Our event planners will work with you to curate your ideal attendee experience, lifting all of the worry out of your hands.

Our premium service offers the finest linen table setting options for high profile events. With an eye for aesthetics, we'll make your next event an incredible, unforgettable experience. 

Let's Get Started

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