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The Overland Cookery Cookbook
2nd Edition 

Overland Cookery is your guide to knowledge, rationales, and techniques underlying vehicle-based adventure travel meal planning.

Celebrating the dynamic interplay between vehicle-based camping, navigation, and off-highway driving skills, Overland Cookery begins with a robust overview of the primary factors impacting menu planning when traveling overland, assisting readers in streamlining meal planning while taking the guesswork out of managing stored food while ensuring all meals are fresh and safe to eat when intended.

Overland Cookery features a collection of 96 recipes exemplifying the nuances of outdoor meal planning logistics.

Every recipe in Overland Cookery utilizes a perishability classification system based on USDA and FDA standards, representing a robust method for creative recipe development out on the trail. 

From determining how long specific foods can be safely stored to identifying the timeliness of necessary resupply stops, Overland Cookery helps readers simplify meal planning while taking the guesswork out of managing stored food. Dietary restrictions and necessary cooking implements are further discussed. 

For the beginning traveler and seasoned veteran alike, Overland Cookery provides an essential review of overland meal planning.
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